Emma Dye

Chopping It Up with CRISP WORDS Byron Beck  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden Download PDF Here. Emma Dye is the Founder of Crisp Salads NW where bunnies eat for “free” and vegans, keto-fans, paleo-tologists and bacon lovers all thrive (and eat) in tasteful harmony. A Martha Stewart of salads (Crisp also offers soups, wraps and cookies) Emma… Continue reading Emma Dye

JoEllen Newton

Coco’s World WORDS Jyssica Yales  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden Download PDF Here. In the heart of Portland’s Sellwood neighborhood, there’s a place where a cat is a woman’s best shopping companion, Abba anthems abound, and you leave feeling lighter than you did walking in. The latter is JoEllen Newton’s philosophy when it comes to her shop… Continue reading JoEllen Newton

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Mark Byrum

Hitting The Brix…Tavern WORDS David Bentley  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden  Download PDF Here. In the heart of the Pearl, you’ll find Brix Tavern, a local staple with everything from Sunday brunch to an exciting nightlife. Founder Mark Byrum, the mastermind behind Brix’s success, as well as six other restaurants in Portland, started as a busser at… Continue reading Mark Byrum

Steve Gemmell

Bolting It Down WORDS David Bentley  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden  Download PDF Here. From Colorado ski bum to Oregon retrofitting entrepreneur, Steve Gemmell has proved himself to be a staple of the Portland construction community. Born to Australian scientists and immigrants, Gemmell had a wealth of knowledge to work with from a young age. As the… Continue reading Steve Gemmell

Garrison Hullinger

Garrison Hullinger is an interior designer with a passion for creating functional, beautiful spaces that are as comfortable as they are impressive. Garrison Hullinger Interior Design’s meteoric rise from its 2010 start in Garrison’s attic, to a bustling downtown studio, is a direct result of the talent and flexibility of the team he has assembled… Continue reading Garrison Hullinger

Brittany Walsh

Acrobatic Archer Download PDF Here. WORDS Merlin Varaday  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden Brittany Walsh, or “Acrobritt”, as she is known in the circus world, taught herself how to perform acrobatic archery – on a dare! This amazing talent has led her as far as Dubai, Germany, Finland and Hong Kong. She recently spent a year performing… Continue reading Brittany Walsh

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VINYL REVIVAL WORDS Kyle Collins  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden  It is a ceremony: You slide the disc from the sleeve and place it carefully on the turntable. You put your headphones on, press the play button then oh, so gently set the needle down on the first groove. You are transported.  It’s an experience and a… Continue reading MARK RAINEY

Judith Stokes

Tip of the Hat WORDS Byron Beck   PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden Download PDF Here. At the intersection of North Interstate Avenue and Argyle Street, a towering statue of Paul Bunyan, created in 1959 for Oregon’s big centennial celebration, welcomes locals and visitors alike to North Portland’s bustling Kenton District.  Earlier this year another legend, native… Continue reading Judith Stokes


WORDS Katie Wise PHOTOGRAPHY Jamison Cook Download PDF Here. Unbeknownst to the rest of America, Portland is a secret destination for vintage hunters. It is where the lovers of vintage go to settle and set up shop. Walk down any street and you’ll find a plethora of vintage, second-hand and upcycled stores selling unlikely items… Continue reading REFLECTIONS


FASHION ON THE FRINGE WORDS Elizabeth Thi Nguyen  PHOTOGRAPHY Tom Lupton  Gliding gowns down the annual FashioNXT runway, Sloane White showcased her 2018-19 winter collection: Frost. The collection features a bright and upbeat luster, with metallic sheen fabrics glistening against bright whites, and fur trims that bounce with a model’s walk. Garnished in the intricacies… Continue reading SLOANE WHITE