Sam Klein

STRAIGHT TO THE POINT Words Kyle Collins Photography Tim Sugden Sam Klein calls his work “Industrial Pixelization.” That’s an impressive and creative name, but at its chewy center, his art is pointillism. The unique pieces he creates use the traditional technique, in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image.… Continue reading Sam Klein

Thomas Paul Augustine

A Lover’s Tribute to The Man Who Named The Pearl Words Janice Jada Griffin If you think that someone is speaking to you from outside of time and space, they probably are. On the afternoon of Wednesday, January 31st, I lost Thomas Paul Augustine, the love of my life. That morning I’d witnessed the total… Continue reading Thomas Paul Augustine

Vanessa Froehling

Destination Inspiration WORDS Kailla Coomes & Jyssica Yelas | PHOTOGRAPHY Ali Megan Vanessa Froehling is a true artist who finds inspiration from emotions and experiences to create garments that speak volumes. In 2002, at age 20, she received her first sewing machine as a gift, and soon spent countless hours teaching herself how to sew.… Continue reading Vanessa Froehling

Tony Iyke

Bespoken In The City WORDS Jyssica Yelas | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden MODELS Tony Iyke | Elizabeth Nguyen | Rachael Lenzini If you’ve been to a Portland fashion event in the last year or two, you’ve likely noticed Tony Iyke. Tall, dressed to the nines, exuding confidence, and probably wearing a suit with a complementing hat… Continue reading Tony Iyke

Elizabeth Mollo

The Different Face of Her WORDS Jyssica Yelas | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden In today’s world, technology, current events and political climate are huge influencers on how the fashion industry is both created and consumed. Transparency is essential as well as experiences that bond an audience to a brand, and if you don’t adapt quickly, you… Continue reading Elizabeth Mollo

Dale Larson

A Legacy in a Bowl WORDS David Bentley | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden Bowl Turner Dale Larson creates over 225 natural wood bowls each year, sending them to art galleries all over the United States, including downtown Portland favorite, The Real Mother Goose (901 SW Yamhill St.), with whom Dale has a long-standing synergistic relationship. Each… Continue reading Dale Larson

5 Sexy Stays

5 Portland’s Hottest Hotels PHOTOGRAPHY Choiyee Wong | ART DIRECTOR Tim Sugden COLLABORATED Ann Akre @Portland Fashion and Style Awards + Venus Allure Salon and Spa THE HEATHMEN HOTEL For more than eight decades, The Heathman Hotel has been integral to life in Portland. Nestled in the heart of downtown’s cultural and financial district, The… Continue reading 5 Sexy Stays

Brent Lawrence

steel ARTIST – Capturing Nature WORDS Merlin Varaday | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden IF you ask Brent Lawrence why he enjoys working with stainless steel to create the breathtaking single wall hangings, diptychs and triptychs that dragonflies dance across and elk gallop across, he’ll tell you: “Growing up working with metal made it an easy choice.… Continue reading Brent Lawrence

John Thompson

Material Wealth WORDS Miguel Cobian | PHOTOGRAPHY Adrienne Swider / Corey Shelton JOHN THOMPSON DESIGNER MEET THE NEW “IT” GUY FOR PORTLAND DESIGN Professionals and owners of A-list interiors remember Portland’s prestigious Wayne Martin Inc. selling luxury items to top designers and architects. When the showroom closed, it’s manager of 23 years, John Thompson, while… Continue reading John Thompson