Meet the “Finder” of the Cannabis Industry

Eric Logan learned lessons about importance of customer loyalty and work ethics from his grandfather. A graduate of California State University Sacramento (1995), he honed his customer service skills at Nordstrom and Façonnable over the course of his 18-year career in luxury retail, culminating in a position of Director of Façonnable, Beverly Hills.

He then joined the mortgage brokerage industry, where he ranked among top producers. He attributed his success to his relationship-building skills and ability to analyze financial statements.

In 2009, after a 20+ year-long corporate career, Eric decided to build his own business and joined a startup education company. All along, he maintained relationships with his luxury clients and contacts. “To make customer relationships last, you need to put customers first,” he emphasizes.

Those relationships brought him to a VP position with Misahara, an international fine jewelry company. At the same time, he continued entrepreneurial pursuits. His current ventures in the Oregon cannabis industry are benefiting from his relationship building skills, as well. I spoke with Eric about his plans.

What made you decide to move to Portland?

I invested into a startup that was in business for a year and was awarded a grant for the state of Oregon in August of 2010. At the time, I was commuting between a home in Pasadena and an apartment in the Portland Pearl District. As I saw the Pearl’s exploding growth, I recognized an opportunity to start a new chapter of my life and become a part of the excitement and energy that was emerging in Portland. I made Portland my permanent home in January 2011, which turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I hear you are known in the industry as “The Finder.” How did that moniker come about?

(Laughs) I give all credit to my wife, whom I met soon after I moved to Portland. During one of our conversations about business and careers, I expressed to her my belief that relationship – building skills are critically important for achieving success in any career. I have given her examples of how my career benefited from the relationships I was able to create and maintain. That’s when she told me, “You are a ‘Finder.’ You have a natural talent as a connector by carefully listening to what people want for themselves. Even when they themselves don’t know how to achieve or even articulate their goals, you can scan your mental database and find for them a connection with a person who can help them. You have been connecting people all of your professional life. You should consider working in private equity, finding connections that would turn into transactions and new business ventures.” That’s when the light bulb went off in my head – private equity space would be the best environment for maximizing my diverse skill set and capitalizing on my “finding” talents. I have to admit, the thought of building a new career in private equity investments, an industry that was new for me, seemed like a big nut to crack. But serendipitously, my wife is a corporate lawyer, who has done a lot of work with private equity groups. She was my source of support, information and confidence. “If you have the right team surrounding you,” she kept telling me, “there will be no limit to what you can achieve.”

And that’s how you came to join MacArthur Capital LLP?

Yes, my wife had a new fund client that specialized in investments in cannabis businesses. She spoke of them as sophisticated business people and as great people in general, with whom she enjoyed working. When an opportunity presented itself to meet with MacArthur partners, I welcomed it as I had a strong interest in the cannabis industry i Oregon, and thought my talents and skills could be helpful for them, as well. At that time, I was consulting with an international luxury jewelry company through my firm, building my brand and business. I took a call with the managing partner of MacArthur Capital, and we clicked immediately. By the end of our conversation, I knew this was the opportunity I had been seeking. I joined MacArthur as the Director of Investor Relations, and my sole focus since then has shifted to the cannabis industry.

What are you currently working on in this new endeavor?

Our firm has several products in development that will begin launching in the fall of 2016. One of our first investments was Vanguard Scientific, a company manufacturing a medical grade extraction device. We have a pre-rolled high-end (no pun intended) joint line, FORTUNE, offering different strains of craft cannabis, and a small indoor cultivation operation, Aurora Flower. A more unique investment for MacArthur is the Green Space Lounge, which will offer premier working, meeting and socializing space for the cannabis enthusiasts. It will be first of its kind private membership club combining luxury hospitality and cannabis. As the founder of the Green Space Lounge, I am particularly excited about the future of that investment. We have an impressive team working on this project. Our Creative Director and partner is Ryan Christensen, formerly of the Program Agency and Same underneath clothing brand. Our other partners are Guild & Axiom. So many talented people working together on this project, it’s beautiful to see.

We are also considering opportunities in skincare, technology, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. For me as a finder, the Oregon cannabis market presents a never-ending source of new opportunities. I continue to keep my eyes and mind open for new products, companies and, mainly, people with whom we could build mutual success.

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