New Renaissance Bookshop

Conscious Living Store

written by Merlin Varaday | photographed by Tim Sugden

New Renaissance Bookshop (1338 NW 23rd Ave.) is the largest metaphysical book and gift shop in the United States. Owners Jamey and Darlene Potter opened the business in 1987, and it has since grown to occupy four attached Victorian houses in Nob Hill (it’s really fascinating how the houses appear separate from the outside, but when you enter the shop it’s all one continuous space). Be prepared for a new and different retail experience as you wind your way through the labyrinth of natural healing, philosophy, and lifestyle books displayed alongside a dizzying collection of handcrafted artisan goods and imports (fair trade practices are emphasized in all of their buying choices). There is so much to see.

Want to learn more about Ayurveda? How about Eastern spirituality? Vegan cooking? Feng Shui? You will find the information you need at the “conscious living store.” If you were hoping to find the perfect handmade card for a friend’s major life event, add to your yoga supply collection, or find materials to start a meditation practice, this is the place. There are also many unexpected delights, such as the “angel nook,” the crystal area, and the home décor section. Fantastic gifts you can choose from include journals, clothing, jewelry, chocolates, and body care items. As a fun extra, you get a free seven-day DVD rental from their collection of over 1100 uplifting movies each time you come in.

New Renaissance Bookshop also has an event space with an overflowing event calendar (up to 33 events per month). You can participate in two-three hour workshops or attend author talks and book signings. Get the chance to increase your knowledge about astrology, tarot, book publishing, marketing your business, parenting, pet care, or conscious dating. Check out their website, scroll through their social media, or sign up for their weekly email list to get connected. Additionally, event attendees get a $2.00 coupon for the gift shop.

A trip to New Renaissance Bookshop is a fun, relaxing adventure. Enjoy the book display on the front porch, chat with the informed and helpful staff, have a cup of tea or just take your time soaking in the lovely environment. In this fast-paced world, there’s a good chance that a trip to New Renaissance Bookshop is just what you need.