TidBit Poetry

– Steff Korbas –

Water lover

I am water
pour me over
old flames
who abandoned these fires
on your outer
my hands will cleanse
and show you a love
that doesn’t need fuel
to keep burning

– Raptor Jade –

Burlesque, sex work, legitimate
I’m a beauty
And some men, old west
Become angry
At this fact
A woman colorful magnetic, mouth luxury, perfect breasts
Juicy underpinnings. Behold this cinematic experience
Festival of confidence, indecency, sexual objectivity- flesh
Some become frowns- sad
So I work it masculine need feminine met
Pull out my funny, and they put on a laugh
Because honey
Is dripping wet
Upward mobility, something within me,
Strength Autonomy intelligence
Tastes like a threat
They look down on me
Hoping it’s not their pockets
But this body
That is bled

– Rachel Warden –

Rusty lock
Aroma of coffee and green
Old paperback stacks
Minimalist artifacts
Ingredients for resonance

– Daphne Shimamoto –


in a suburb of my mind
fried heart
is a house
whose windows
let in
the light of detachment

I speak to you now
its living room
which is the color of
kelp at night time
whose only occupants are a chair and me

the chair holds me
like the hand of a dead old man
I loved
whose life I no longer miss.
he says

there is nothing to wait for
here I am waiting
the wait is exquisite