Urban Splash Art Showcase Melanie Concannon

As golden hour hit the Jackson Tower, over two hundred guests admired the rooftop exhibit of local mixed-media artist Melanie Concannon. Using materials including spray paint, nail polish, acrylic, liquid oil, rubbing alcohol, metallic pigments and resin, Concannon creates abstract displays of the beauty she finds in nature. Portland Interview’s Publisher, David Bentley was so struck by the luminous art that he bought a painting on the spot.

For over thirty years, fifth-generation Oregon native Peggy Hoag’s passion has been to discover talent and provide a platform for local artists and musicians. That’s why Hoag’s new real estate firm featured Concannon at it’s grand opening event, Urban Splash.

Wine, hors d’oeuvres, and live music complemented the lively artwork. Performing at the event was up-and-coming guitarist Andy Wells. After witnessing Wells’ talent at Hoag’s home, Michael Allen Harrison invited the high school student to perform at the music festival, Ten Grands.

Urban Splash was hosted in Hoag Real Estate’s new downtown loft on Broadway. Boasting modern industrial finishes, the open office space is central to the firm’s evolving approach to real estate. Hoag founded her firm in March of 2017 after 26 years as a leader in the region’s real estate market. Hoag Real Estate looks forward to introducing more talented locals to Portland’s creative landscape.