Time After Time: Watch Trends at Watchworks and Packouz Jewelers


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Watches are timeless. Maybe that’s why in our digital-driven age we are still seeing so many people wearing beautiful timepieces on their wrists, a classic accessory that seemingly never goes out of style. But like any accessory, watch trends come and go. Portland Interview Magazine visited with two of Portland’s most prestigious horology purveyors—Rick Mahler of Packouz Jewelers and Alex Hofberg of Watchworks—to find out what’s hot right now. 

For Hofberg, whose downtown Watchworks location has been the home for many exclusive watch brands for nearly the last three decades, it’s all about going back in time regarding timepieces, and sees the wearing of watches as akin to buying a piece of art.  “Men wear very little jewelry,” said Holberg. “Watches give men a chance to express themselves in a way they may not do otherwise.”

Packouz Jewelers has been offering Portland patrons and beyond the best in jewelry and watch design for over 100 years. An authorized Rolex dealer, this family-owned and operated business is known for its stellar customer and community service.

Tech: It’s all about tech in men’s watches. And the more technical the better. Diving watches are extremely popular, suggesting the person who wears one is both sporting and adventurous. Nothing says tech like Omega’s Speedmaster that is both a classic and iconic timepiece. 

Simply Sophisticated: Less is more for certain watch lovers. Those who enjoy a dial that is simple, uncluttered and uncomplicated are attracted to the Omega 18k Rose Gold Deville.

Oversized: According to Watchworks Alex Hofberg, oversized watches are where it’s at, especially for women who like to show size does matter when it comes to keeping time. The steel and diamond Omega Trésor is a great example of this growing trend.  

Vintage: Says Hofberg, “There is a reason all the major historic watch brands are looking backwards to their own archives in attempts to recapture the spirit of their own most sought after vintage timepieces – the reason is, vintage is hot and they can capitalize on them.” Available at Watchworks; the Breitling Navitimer which has been in production nearly continuously since the the early 1960’s.

Watchworks: 711 SW 10th Ave. | 503-223-1368 |

Yellow Gold: Once considered too flashy for the wrist, yellow gold is back with a vengeance. Stylish with a warm glow, it’s perfect on any wrist, such as the Rolex 18k yellow gold Day-Date 40mm.

Slim: The best watches have been on a diet recently and there is no longer a race to be the biggest timepiece in the jewelry case. Packouz is seeing a trend toward sleek and slimmed down watches for men, and a bit smaller than in previous seasons for women, like the Rolex Cellini. 

Essential Accessory: Smart phones be damned, watches are still an essential accessory for the wrist. “If you have the right kicks, the right glasses and the right watch,” says Mahler, “you are set.” And you will definitely be set with the Rolex stainless steel GMT-Master II.

Packouz Jewelers: 522 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205 | (503) 228-3111 |