Mens Trends

Mad for Monochrome

by Jyssica Yelas

Even the most fashion-inclined appreciate a one-and-done look. For women, this may mean throwing on a dress and shoes before heading out the door. For men, this might entail creating a uniform of alternating shirts and pants. The latest trend in men’s fashion is sweeping Portland. Inspired by a Scandinavian perspective, this look is easily mixed with an existing wardrobe.

Monochrome, originally used to describe a photograph or television screen, means black and white or in varying tones of one color. Whether matching grey with grey is reminiscent of a tailored suit or it’s just an excuse to take jogger pants out of the house, this look is hard to resist. If taking the one-hued approach, this style outfit will easily flatter, creating a streamlined and linear silhouette. Playing with one color in different textured pieces will add interest and depth.

If you are shy about the single-color ensemble, it’s hard to go wrong by mixing pieces of black and white. Adding grey to the mix will result in a wardrobe with endless options and minimal dressing time. Just add your choice of trainers or loafers and head out the door. Read on to see where to shop in Portland to bring the monochromatic movement into your own personal style.

Photo: Le Court
Exibit Estate Trouser in Grey, $180
Available at Le Court
Two reasons why I love this trouser: the silhouette and ankle crop make for a smart, tailored design, but the drawstrings lend an athletic edge that make the pant suitable for slouchy sweaters and button-downs alike. Le Court offers the trouser in a lighter grey as well as black.

Photo: Machus
JohnUNDERCOVER The Paneled Long
Sleeve in Off-White, $215
Available at Machus
Machus is known for their long, avant-garde silhouettes and typically monochromatic color scheme. This paneled tee proves that mixing neutrals is now anything but a faux pas. Try this oversized piece with a tailored pant, or go bold with an equally dramatic harem.

Photo: Steven Alan
Journal Grave Coat in Gray, $350
Available at Steven Alan
This is the perfect example of playing with texture in your monochromatic outfits. The flecked wool in this classic topcoat will add dimension to even an all-black pairing, and will pop when layered over a white or cream sweater. Denmark-based brand Journal is internationally respected for its timeless yet experimental designs.

Convinced to desaturate your own daily uniform? Start by adding in one piece at a time. If you typically wear denim, surprise yourself with a shade (other than blue) that you’ve never worn before. In contrast, maybe your introduction to monochrome is a long coat that you’ll throw on over everything this winter. If you already own a jogger pant but have only worn them on the couch with your coziest sweater, dress it up with a lacquered tee or tailored button-down. All you have to lose is that lingering summer color.