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Full-on fleece and sherpa are no longer just for the “bros” or women’s style alone.

In a world where there are fewer and fewer rules on what to wear, comfort has become non-negotiable in a modern wardrobe. Phrases like “no white after Labor Day” and “too casual for the office” are constantly being questioned and challenged, especially in a sneaker-driven town like Portland.

It’s not just Portland that values comfort as much as style these days. And it’s not just the elastane that’s in what seems like every pair of pants that hits the market.

And what’s blowing up on fashion as it is online? All fuzzy everything. Whether that means a modern-day sherpa jacket, an oversized teddy coat, or a head-to-toe sweatsuit by Jordan, fuzzy fashion isn’t just for the cabin or the home anymore.

Let’s take it to the streets.

Before we dive into this trend, we must address the sherpa that started it all. Way before GQ would dub this women’s fleece “the Hottest Jacket in Menswear,” New York womenswear designer Sandy Liang designed the zip-up in a full-teddy fleece with neon accents. There’s only one shop in all of Portland who carries the piece: Stand Up Comedy on Southwest Broadway.

Sandy Liang DW Fleece Teddy
Image From GQ

 At a friendlier price point, you can add a hood and choose from three colors of Nike Jordan’s re-invention of the sweatsuit. For the Trailblazers fans out there, the hoodie is available at a similarly approachable black-with-red color combo. There are matching fleece sweatpants available, or if you’re just shopping hoodies, you can also choose from white, red, or navy.

Jordan Sportswear Wings of Flight Originally $100
On Sale For $88.97

For the traditionalists, I, and Patagonia too, still have your back. What I love about this one is the innumerable ways by which it can be styled. While a classic man may layer this with a long sleeve henley, jeans, and boots, Portland’s earlier trend adopters might pair it with an all-beige-everything outfit, or with a graphic tee, joggers, and trainers.

Patagonia Men’s Classic
Retro-X® Fleece Vest

Inspiration From GQ