How Can Stem Cells Help You?

How Can Stem Cells Help You?

Dr. Mark Gabriel D.C. | The Wellness Center, PDX

For many people, more questions arise than answers when they hear the term “stem cells”. What are stem cells? How are they accessed, and what are they used for? How can stem cell use benefit advances in modern medicine, and what are the risks involved to individuals, medical research in general and to society? Most importantly, is stem cell use ethical?

What are stem cells?
According to The American Heritage Medical Dictionary, a stem cell is an unspecialized cell in the human body from which different types of specialized cells, such as blood cells and nerve cells, can be derived. Stem cells are the body’s master cells that are able to replicate themselves. They also regenerate all types of cells, and hence each of the body’s organs. Think about a lizard trying to grow its tail back – how does that happen? Lizards have specific types of cells that are able to regenerate to grow back the tail. Human stem cells function in the same way (except, unfortunately, they are not evolved to regenerate limbs the way lizards do. They can, however, regenerate internal organs in the human body). 

There are two types of stem cells:
embryonic stem cells and amniotic stem cells. Embryonic stem cells are derived from the inner cell mass of a blastocyst, or an early-stage, pre-implementation human embryo. Many people have concerns related to the use of embryonic stem cells, due to the questions that are raised regarding the beginning of human life. Is a blastocyst a human? Is a person – or an individual with agency – or even the potential to become such being used to extend life for other people? 

The Wellness Center PDX obtains amniotic stem cells from reputable laboratories that provide a higher concentration and numbers of stem cells. These cells are not coded yet, because they are obtained from consented mother’s placentas, and are frozen under -80 C until the need for them arises. Also, they mimic the presence of antigens, so there is no risk of an antibody reaction – a matching donor isn’t necessary.

How can Regenerative Therapy Help You?
If you have an arthritic condition, schedule an appointment with one of the specialists at The Wellness Center PDX to see if you qualify for Regenerative Therapy. Candidates will undergo a consultation, an orthopedic examination, and a range of motion assessments and X-rays to examine the quality of the joint. If you qualify, you can schedule an appointment, which takes only 15-20 minutes, and will help to restore the function of the affected joints, and will contribute to the individual’s overall health.

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