Elan Walksy & Phil Boyle

Pioneers of Brewing WORDS Justin Fields & Kailla Coomes | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden How do you explain what it feels like to have CBD Beer? Elan Walksy, the Co-Owner and Head Brewer of Coalition Brewing, has the perfect answer. “You know what you feel like after you’ve had one beer, and you know what you… Continue reading Elan Walksy & Phil Boyle

Ed Bert

World Cup Coffee & Tea WORDS Justin Fields | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden Thirteen years ago, Roastmaster and Green Coffee Buyer Ed Bert discovered his passion for coffee in the remote jungles and farms of Papua New Guinea. It was there that he decided to eschew his training as an engineer, and start over in an… Continue reading Ed Bert

Brent Lawrence

steel ARTIST – Capturing Nature WORDS Merlin Varaday | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden IF you ask Brent Lawrence why he enjoys working with stainless steel to create the breathtaking single wall hangings, diptychs and triptychs that dragonflies dance across and elk gallop across, he’ll tell you: “Growing up working with metal made it an easy choice.… Continue reading Brent Lawrence


Sometimes legends come into your life and you don’t even know it. Michael Leming was legendary and even he didn’t even know it. Many legends and heroes have been made by glorifying their deaths from their too adventurous pursuits. As a climber and mountain rescuer I have had a few near death experiences, but personally… Continue reading LIVE LIKE LEMING

Stephanie Sparkman

Consigning Women written by Tanis Logan-Morris | photographed by Tim Sugden Coco Chanel famously said, “A woman should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Aiding the women of Portland in this continuous quest is Stephanie Sparkman’s first class boutique, Consigning Women. Tucked into a cheerful space at 412 NW 11th Avenue, in the heart of… Continue reading Stephanie Sparkman

Shea Wilcox

A Resonance of Roots written by Jen Namba photographed by Tim Sugden It is a perfect summer day in Juneau, Alaska. Sweeping, snow-capped mountains tower above a crystal sea, beckoning tourists from their cruise ship balconies. Just off the pier, the sweet smell of fresh crab, the hum of friendly conversations, and the easy atmosphere… Continue reading Shea Wilcox

Paul Vu

EDA Frames written by Justin Fields photographed by Tim Sugden Visiting with Paul Vu at EDA Frames in Beaverton is like visiting with a friend in their own home. The unassuming and comfortable office is guarded by a cheerful white maltipoo, and the chairs and magazines make for an inviting atmosphere to discuss eyewear style… Continue reading Paul Vu

Monica Marteau

French Cut Hair written by Michelle Gant | photographed by Tim Sugden For French Cut Hair salon owner Monica Marteau, it started with her grandmother. “She was a very tall, elegant lady,” says Marteau, her accent lifting the vowel sounds tall, dispelling any question as to how her salon got its name. “As a child,… Continue reading Monica Marteau