Alex Hofberg

Withstanding the Test of Time WORDS David Bentley  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden Download PDF Here. From a chic pocket business, to having a retail presence catering to the burgeoning market of vintage timepieces, WatchWorks has evolved. Watch design has gone from the mundane to unimaginable; once designed for a day at the opera, church and the… Continue reading Alex Hofberg

Garrison Hullinger

Garrison Hullinger is an interior designer with a passion for creating functional, beautiful spaces that are as comfortable as they are impressive. Garrison Hullinger Interior Design’s meteoric rise from its 2010 start in Garrison’s attic, to a bustling downtown studio, is a direct result of the talent and flexibility of the team he has assembled… Continue reading Garrison Hullinger


DISSIDENT DUO WORDS Kyle Collins  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden I first discovered the art of the Pander Brothers at the Portland music venue Berbattis Pan. There, perfectly lit against the red brick walls on six panels, was a Shaman leading a tribe of dancers across a desert rave, while fires burn in the distance. Done in… Continue reading PANDER BROTHERS

Tom Boehme

Changing Seasons WORDS Adelle McLean  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden Download PDF Here. An old newspaper article found in a drawer was the inspiration that re-ignited his passion for photography. There it was, amongst the many articles his mom had collected, written about her son during his freshman year at Mount Hood Community College. Tom Boehme read… Continue reading Tom Boehme


WELL SUITED WORDS Jyssica Yelas  PHOTOGRAPHY Tom Boehme Download PDF Here. If there were one word to describe Gustave Apiti, “bold” could not do him justice. This may be because he’s the most brightly dressed man in the room. It may be that he says what others would only dream of saying out loud. And… Continue reading GUSTAVE APITI

Jimmy Hickey

BUILT FOR GOOD TIMES WORDS Jyssica Yelas PHOTOGRAPHER Tim Sugden Download PDF Here. From four people in a garage to twelve people in a warehouse, and the front page of Reddit and back, Jimmy Hickey isn’t your average suit-and-tie entrepreneur. Like many businesses that experience a speedy growth, his idea came from one need that… Continue reading Jimmy Hickey


What’s Next WORDS Kyle Sosa and Bonnie Knight Download PDF Here. FashioNXT has been going through major expansion, as 2019 marks the 8th year for FashioNXT Week, recognized as the official fashion week of Portland. The annual event gained international acclaim after its production was named by Time Magazine as #1 in the US, next… Continue reading FASHIONXT


Photography Choiyee Wong | Hair/Make-Up Heidi Gravier MODELS Shannah Dibb | Kendall Schuler | Elizabeth Nguyen Christiane Millinger From my earliest age I have enjoyed fabrics, wool, interior beauty and human behavior within beautiful environments. I also benefited from a very tight-knit community in my childhood. While Portland is bigger, it still is a wonderfully… Continue reading INTERLACED

Tony Iyke

Bespoken In The City WORDS Jyssica Yelas | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden MODELS Tony Iyke | Elizabeth Nguyen | Rachael Lenzini If you’ve been to a Portland fashion event in the last year or two, you’ve likely noticed Tony Iyke. Tall, dressed to the nines, exuding confidence, and probably wearing a suit with a complementing hat… Continue reading Tony Iyke

Elizabeth Mollo

The Different Face of Her WORDS Jyssica Yelas | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden In today’s world, technology, current events and political climate are huge influencers on how the fashion industry is both created and consumed. Transparency is essential as well as experiences that bond an audience to a brand, and if you don’t adapt quickly, you… Continue reading Elizabeth Mollo