Alex Hofberg

Withstanding the Test of Time WORDS David Bentley  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden Download PDF Here. From a chic pocket business, to having a retail presence catering to the burgeoning market of vintage timepieces, WatchWorks has evolved. Watch design has gone from the mundane to unimaginable; once designed for a day at the opera, church and the… Continue reading Alex Hofberg

JoEllen Newton

Coco’s World WORDS Jyssica Yales  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden Download PDF Here. In the heart of Portland’s Sellwood neighborhood, there’s a place where a cat is a woman’s best shopping companion, Abba anthems abound, and you leave feeling lighter than you did walking in. The latter is JoEllen Newton’s philosophy when it comes to her shop… Continue reading JoEllen Newton

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Brittany Walsh

Acrobatic Archer Download PDF Here. WORDS Merlin Varaday  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden Brittany Walsh, or “Acrobritt”, as she is known in the circus world, taught herself how to perform acrobatic archery – on a dare! This amazing talent has led her as far as Dubai, Germany, Finland and Hong Kong. She recently spent a year performing… Continue reading Brittany Walsh

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DISSIDENT DUO WORDS Kyle Collins  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden I first discovered the art of the Pander Brothers at the Portland music venue Berbattis Pan. There, perfectly lit against the red brick walls on six panels, was a Shaman leading a tribe of dancers across a desert rave, while fires burn in the distance. Done in… Continue reading PANDER BROTHERS

Tom Boehme

Changing Seasons WORDS Adelle McLean  PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden Download PDF Here. An old newspaper article found in a drawer was the inspiration that re-ignited his passion for photography. There it was, amongst the many articles his mom had collected, written about her son during his freshman year at Mount Hood Community College. Tom Boehme read… Continue reading Tom Boehme

Sam Klein

STRAIGHT TO THE POINT Words Kyle Collins Photography Tim Sugden Sam Klein calls his work “Industrial Pixelization.” That’s an impressive and creative name, but at its chewy center, his art is pointillism. The unique pieces he creates use the traditional technique, in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image.… Continue reading Sam Klein


Photography Choiyee Wong | Hair/Make-Up Heidi Gravier MODELS Shannah Dibb | Kendall Schuler | Elizabeth Nguyen Christiane Millinger From my earliest age I have enjoyed fabrics, wool, interior beauty and human behavior within beautiful environments. I also benefited from a very tight-knit community in my childhood. While Portland is bigger, it still is a wonderfully… Continue reading INTERLACED

Dan Barbato

TRANSPORTING THROUGH DESIGN WORDS Merlin Varaday | Photography Tim Sugden Asia America (79 SE Taylor, Suite 200) owner Dan Barbato wants to provide an opportunity for you to “travel to Asia right here in Portland”. After accepting a Peace Corps assignment in China in his youth (as he puts it, “the flourish of someone else’s… Continue reading Dan Barbato

Jae Ruth

From Doodles to Digital WORDS Adelle McLean | Photography Josh Burnett It doesn’t take long to figure out that Jae Ruth is not your typical fourteen-year-old. Quirky, with a strong sense-of-self meets contemporary with a dark edge; traits that are personified throughout her characters. She is observably articulate, expressive and, according to her mom, “very… Continue reading Jae Ruth

Julianna Paradisi

Service & Creation WORDS Merlin Varaday | PHOTOGRAPHY Tim Sugden Julianna Paradisi knows what it is like to have more than one calling. She juggles working as an Oncology Nurse Navigator at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital with a thriving painting, writing and public speaking career. These passions feed each other, rather than conflicting or dividing… Continue reading Julianna Paradisi