Lineup Revealed Celebrating Diversity WORDS Bonnie Knight  PHOTOGRAPHY Yi Yin | Hal Harrsion  Download PDF Here. October 2-5, 2019 marks the 8th year of FashioNXT, the official fashion week of Portland, as recognized by the mayor. Throughout the years the production has been known for celebrating the diversity of design providing a stage for streetwear,… Continue reading fashioNXT

Smart Watches

For a super detailed Mega guide check out Android Smart Watch – The Ultimate Guide (please note: this article first appeared in 2013, for a more up-to-date article please look at the link above Android Smart Watch – The Ultimate Guide) Wearables: How Smart Are Smart Watches? We’ve come quite a ways since the beloved… Continue reading Smart Watches


3 CHARMS WRITTEN BY Debra Yergen SPONSORED BY The Wellness Center, PDX Nature’s Antibiotic  You’ve heard the warnings about antibiotics, especially during cold and flu season. According to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) antibiotics are prescribed, on average, a mind-blowing 833 times for every 1000 people. The great news: most wintertime crud can… Continue reading HEALTH

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Time After Time: Watch Trends at Watchworks and Packouz Jewelers WRITTEN BY Byron Beck Download PDF Here. Watches are timeless. Maybe that’s why in our digital-driven age we are still seeing so many people wearing beautiful timepieces on their wrists, a classic accessory that seemingly never goes out of style. But like any accessory, watch trends… Continue reading TRENDS

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WHAT’S THE FUZZ WRITTEN BY Jyssica Yelas Download PDF Here. Full-on fleece and sherpa are no longer just for the “bros” or women’s style alone. In a world where there are fewer and fewer rules on what to wear, comfort has become non-negotiable in a modern wardrobe. Phrases like “no white after Labor Day” and “too… Continue reading MEN’S TRENDS


SQUARE OFF WRITTEN BY Jyssica Yelas Download PDF Here. The easiest way to change the feel of any outfit? Change your shoes. There’s a reason why we used to see so many “day-to-night” style articles that simply require you to bring a pair of “happy hour shoes” in your purse. Want to take your athleisure to… Continue reading WOMEN’S TRENDS

How Can Stem Cells Help You?

How Can Stem Cells Help You? Dr. Mark Gabriel D.C. | The Wellness Center, PDX For many people, more questions arise than answers when they hear the term “stem cells”. What are stem cells? How are they accessed, and what are they used for? How can stem cell use benefit advances in modern medicine, and what… Continue reading How Can Stem Cells Help You?

The Studio Northwest

The Studio Northwest, home to Acting for Kids & Teens, Celebrates Their New Home at Grand Opening WORDS Rebecca L. Shapiro | PHOTOGRAPHY Jennifer Alyse The Studio Northwest launched last night to a full house of TV and film Industry insiders, acting students and their families. Owner and actress (Portlandia and Netflix Everything Sucks), Katie… Continue reading The Studio Northwest

Men’s Trends On the Loose

On the Loose by Jyssica Yelas Move over slims and skinnies, loose-fitting pants are back on the block. Wear your super skinnies and risk being pegged as a city stereotype. Keep these at your waist, but give your legs a little (or a lot) of breathing room this go around. This is a trend that… Continue reading Men’s Trends On the Loose

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